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Disorganization and clutter is distracting and creates mental exhaustion, negative stress, mistakes and even anxiety and depression. In any setting, organization saves time, simplifies the use of information and things, and enhances communication. It also allows you to work more quickly and intelligently and to complete every task.

Organizing will also help you with your work performance and also feeling more in control with the mental energy to complete any task.

Seriously, what would it feel like if you didn’t lose your car keys or your wallet and how much time do you think you would save not having to look for them?

Organizing projects come in all sizes. However, once you understand your goals there are only 3 steps:

  1. Sorting and eliminating
  2. Setting up effective systems that suit the space, the related tasks and the individual(s) using them
  3. Providing for the maintenance of the systems including learning new skills, if necessary

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Organizing and Decluttering Benefits Your Life
  1. You will feel better about yourself.
  2. You will feel calmer.
  3. Your world will smell and look sweeter.
  4. You will be more amicable.
  5. You will be surrounded by loving friends and family in your home.
  6. Your spouse/partner and/or children will wear a brighter smile (and so will you)!
  7. You will have peaceful dreams.
  8. You will not stumble around your home or office.
  9. People will want to pay you more compliments.
  10. Your home and office will smell more fragrant.
  11. Your soul can breathe better.


  • Do you want to increase your productivity to make your business or home thrive?
  • Do you want to spend less time looking for important documents?
  • Do you lose important information because your email is overwhelming?
  • Do daily work tasks become difficult because your office setting doesn’t flow?
  • Do you want to learn how to create a system to convert a paper filing system to electronic paperless filing?
  • Do you feel buried in paper and have no idea where to begin clearing it?

I can assist you to make the time and space for what’s important to you!  Included in your initial consultation, I will work with you to identify your goals, strengths and priorities. We will work together to create organizing systems which suit your individual needs.  In addition, I will provide you with coaching and mentoring throughout the project, so that you are better able to stay organized even after the initial project has been completed.  No project is the same so we can create the system that works best for you.

“Have a time and place for everything, and do everything in its time and place, and your will not only accomplish more, but have far more leisure than those who are always hurrying.” Tryon Edwards