Parental alienation (or Hostile Aggressive Parenting) involves a group of behaviors that are damaging to children’s mental and emotional well-being and can interfere with a relationship between a child and either parent (mother or father). These behaviors most often accompany high conflict marriages, separation or divorce.

The behaviors whether verbal or non-verbal, cause a child to be mentally manipulated or bullied into believing a loving parent is the cause of all their problems, and/or the enemy, to be feared, hated, disrespected and/or avoided.

Parental alienation and hostile aggressive parenting deprive children of their right to be loved by and showing love for both of their parents. The destructive actions by an alienating parent or other third person (like another family member, or even a well-meaning mental health care worker) can become abusive to the child – as the alienating behaviors are disturbing, confusing and often frightening, to the child, and can rob the child of their sense of security and safety leading to maladaptive emotional reactions.

Most people do not know about Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting until they experience it. The sad thing is that most people are experiencing it but don’t even know this is what it is called. Parental Alienation Awareness is put forth to help raise awareness about the growth of the problem of targeting children and their relationship in a healthy and loving parent/child bond.

It is so important to protect the innocent, …the children.

We need to educate and make the public aware of the effects of Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting.

The aim of the Awareness is to make the general public, judges, police officers, mental health care workers, child protection agencies, lawyers, as well as friends and family of the targeted children or their parents become aware of this growing problem.

For more information on Parental Alienation and/or Hostile Aggressive Parenting please go to http://www.paawareness.com.

With education comes awareness and understanding, and the power to stop the abuse of innocent children caught in the crossfire of people they love.

If you feel you are going through Parental Alienation, Non-Custodial Mothers Support Group – Divorce/Parental Alienation.

If the information above resonates with you, you may be dealing with Parental Alienation. This group is specifically directed towards moms who have lost or are in the process of losing custody of their children and don’t know which way to turn. It has been set up to assist mothers in coming together with the idea of a support system and a safe place to know that you are not alone in what you are going through.

Caroline went through 18 years as the alienated parent. She has a son who is now 29 and a daughter who is 23 and now has a relationship with them. She gets where you are as a mother, and as a Life Leadership Coach, is here to offer assistance in not only working through the feelings and the situation of parental alienation but to offer a service of teaching how to become aware, centered and strong throughout the process so you can continue to live your life. The goal is to hold your space, show you ways of taking care of yourself – maybe for the first time in your life, learning how to stand on your own two feet and not have to depend on any other person, entity or institution and finding out who YOU are in the process.

There will be plenty of support and love for each person that come into our Private Facebook Group. What we ask of you is this: that you are in a place of desiring to be the best you can be for yourself and your children and that you are willing to be open to new ideas and subjects regarding yourself and your relationship with you children.

We expect that you are in this for support, love, and changes, so please note that it isn’t a space for a bitch session or negativity. This group is set up for the safety of its members and if you choose to do anything different, we will not tolerate it and you will be asked to leave or be deleted from the group. There is enough going on in dealing with the Narcissistic and not being able to grieve the loss of your children.

Please note that this group is to assist those interested in moving forward. It will involve ideas and practices in being able to handle what is happening, some self-help recommendations and some real life ideas and suggestions in handling your situation. This group is about growth, not staying stuck in your story which doesn’t help you anyway. The end result is to be strong for you and your children.

Remember, you are not alone in this and there is guidance, love and support here for you. Please head on over to our Private Facebook Group, and answer the two questions, which is a requirement to get in.

Anyone who has experience with Parental Alienation, whether a therapist, counselor, mediator, attorney, personal experience, etc., we welcome your knowledge and suggestions into this group as well.

This particular group is for mothers only. If you want to join, you can connect with us on our Private Facebook Group, Non-Custodial Mothers Support Group – Divorce/Parental Alienation.

I am working on starting a Closed Support Group for Fathers and am looking for a moderator to assist me with that group as well as an open group for both moms and dads.

If you are a father who is willing to assist or if you have any questions in general, please contact me on the form below.

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