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Declutter Your Life Coaching 

I invite you to think of Coaching as a process. In order to refine and sustain the work, it takes several months. Expect our Coaching relationship to last at least three months and can be cancelled at any time after the first three months. Pricing is based on a three-month commitment. Click HERE for your FREE 45-minute Discovery Call so we can begin working together to Declutter Your Life!

All pricing for declutter work is $75/hr with a minimum of 3 Hours. Discounts are available depending on size and duration of project.

3-Hour Session | $225.00

If you are just getting started or you only have one room you want to work on, the 3-hour session is a great way to go.  Give me a call for a free no-obligation phone consultation, and I can schedule you for your 3-hour session. 

12-Hour Session + Get 1 Bonus Hour FREE! | $900.00

If you have a large project, the 12-hour money-saving project package will help you to accomplish your goals, while saving you money on the project.  Schedule a multi-session project for 12 hours and we’ll give you another Bonus Hour FREE! 

Maintenance Sessions | $225.00/1st Quarter | $585/Remaining 3 Quarters

For clients that want to maintain their beautifully organized home and life, the quarterly pre-scheduled maintenance sessions will keep you on track.  Just schedule and prepay an initial 3-hour session and I’ll give you a $10/hr discount for the remaining 3 quarters. That’s a savings of $90! A great way to stay on track!

Large Projects & Storage Rooms 

Each large project is different.  I’m here to make that project or your move as convenient and stress free as possible.  Give me a call for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your project needs.  I offer project discounts, depending on the size and duration.
Change Your Life!